308 125gr FMJ - 500ct

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 - Some projectiles weigh 126




“Demil/Pull Down” is a term used for the disassembly of loaded ammunition. Pull Down projectiles and brass are new components that were once loaded but disassembled due to various reasons from the manufacturer. Once the ammo has been disassembled, it moves on to our sorting processes. These processes are typically 95%+ on sorting accuracy and orders usually contain extra product to compensate for any errors that could occur.

Pulled projectiles may have marks, to varying degrees, from the pull down process. If a projectile is stated to have “minimal marks,” there will be light to virtually no marks, whereas a projectile with “heavy marks” will sometimes have marks that distorts the shape of the projectile at the Ogive. Some pulled projectiles may also have heavy crimp marks as well, however, projectiles that have been over-crimped, for example, are sorted out as damage.

Pull-Down brass will sometimes have small body dents, scratches and/or deformed case mouths. Small dents in brass will straighten out after the case has been fired and case mouth deformities can be fixed by sizing. Primed brass is ready to load, but all pull-down brass should be resized prior to loading. Please note that we generally do not know what primers are used in pull-down casings, it is assumed that magnum calibers will contain magnum primers and standard calibers will use standard primers.

“Blemished” products are new components with cosmetic or profile differences. These differences may include, but are not limited to, brass with specific/light damage, projectiles that are tarnished or vary in uniformity.

Please have adequate education and training to load live ammunition. All components should be inspected prior to assembly. Improperly assembly and handling of ammunition can cause serious personal injury or death. Additionally, safety glasses should always be worn when loading ammunition. Since hand-loading operations are beyond our control, American Reloading disclaims all liability for any damages that may result.


Please verify that you have received the correct product and in good order once your package has been delivered. We ask that you reach out within 90 days of receiving your order to have any mistakes, that may have occurred, resolved, this should be an ample amount of time to check product and reach out. Please note that requests outside of 90 days will not be addressed.

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