American Munitions 45 200gr Semi Wadcutter Free Shipping- 1000 rds

New product

American Munitions

Made in the USA

Caliber: 45 ACP

Bullet Weight: 200gr

Bullet Style: Semi Wadcutter

Casing: Brass

Headstamp: Mostly Federal

Warning: Last items in stock!


American Munitions is our new line of ammunition from American Reloading made in the USA.  We want to bring you quality ammunition from the quality components we provide every day at an affordable price.  We have our ammunition loaded by a commercial ammunition manufacturer with years of experience producing high quality ammunition.  All of our ammunition is inspected and loaded at safe specs in order to provide a safe shooting experience.  Components are inspected before and after assembly along with pressure testing.  Please read the product descriptions thoroughly as our components will vary based on availability.