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American Reloading specializes in demil or “pull down” reloading components along with factory seconds or blems.

We take other manufacturers scrap and turn it into very usable products with tremendous value.


Our Story

American Reloading was founded in Montana over five years ago before it was purchased in 2017 and moved to Missouri.

Under new ownership, February of 2017 started the rebirth of American Reloading.

Focused on providing affordable reloading components, along with great customer service, American Reloading has more than doubled its size and became an exclusive dealer for numerous brands. 

We specialize in demil or “pull down” reloading components, along with factory seconds or blems. By offering these products, we can save reloaders up to 50% off new retail items. Combine the great savings with a personal touch of customer service and that is the American Reloading Experience.

Terms of Use

Customer Affidavit

I am not currently less than twenty-one (21) years old
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I am not under indictment for and have never been convicted in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for over one year
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I have never been and I am not expected to be convicted in any court of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence
I will not conduct an unauthorized export of any defense articles

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How it Works

Quality Control & Sorting

After pulling ammo apart or receiving components from supplier, is the quality control and sorting process.

We aim to sort out damage and any unusable products. We also analyze the batch and determine how we will sort it. It is simply inefficient to hand-sort thousands of projectiles that are too similar to separate quickly, so we end up selling them as a mix. Examples are 9mm 115/124gr or 223 55/62gr.

If the projectiles have a distinct feature, then we can sort them out efficiently. Primed cases will be sorted for damage and missing primers. Minor dings and dents will be permitted as the price will reflect compared to NEW products. We recommend you SIZE our cases before loading, as you should with all cases new, demil, or processed.

Packaging & Shipping

American Reloading understands the importance of packing your order securely so it makes it there safely.

Please understand that lead and copper are very heavy and dense. We use the best strapping tape and robust boxes when possible, but at times we are limited due to our Fast Free Shipping Site-wide. Due to free shipping, we will condense your orders from time to time in order to make them fit in the appropriate boxes. For example, if you order 3 of something in 1000ct (3,000 total), we might pack two internal boxes and put 1,500 in each.

At the moment, we use USPS Flat Rate Boxes for all projectiles and any unprimed brass that will fit. USPS Flat Rate boxes are thin but we do our best to add extra strapping tape. Ammunition, Powder, and Primed Cases will ship via FedEx Ground which will be in heavy duty boxes.

Unfortunately, there is always a risk of receiving a damaged package from any mail carrier. Don’t worry, we will take care of you!

Placing an Order

Once you find your great products and are ready to checkout, you will enjoy our fast and easy purchase process.

When you have authorized the payment and agreed to the terms, you will receive an email confirmation of your order. Our system will then send your order to our shipping software to await packaging.

You will receive another email with your tracking number WHEN we print your order for packaging. We do everything possible to print your order within 2 to 3 business days. Once you have received that tracking number, please allow at least 48 hours before reaching out, because USPS and FedEx scan your packages at different times. In most cases, your order will be out the door within 3 days, and your tracking number will have been updated so you can monitor its movement.

We know you’re very excited to receive your order and we will do our very best to ensure it gets there safe and quickly.

Membership Details

Rules and details are subject to change without notice.

What You Get

As a member of American Reloading, you’ll receive exclusive emails giving you access to deals before the rest of the customers. This gives you time to get those products you like so much before they sell out! You’ll also receive a custom American Reloading hat.

How it Works

Pay an annual $100 VIP Membership Fee to be added to the list. Once signed up, you will get a Weekly Sales Email before the rest of our customers, giving you access to the voucher codes and products in highest demand.

Additional Details

Within 4 weeks, you will receive your hat and some AR Stickers. The membership with be an annual occurrence and pro-rated daily ($0.27 daily) if you would ever like to cancel. To cancel, please contact us and we will take care of you.


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To fully understand the American Reloading experience, go check out our ammo and other products we have to offer. Read the descriptions, check the FAQs or reach out with any questions and you will quickly see the great value and why our customers love us!

Have questions? Contact Us!

What We Do

Demil or "Pull Down”

Taking apart live ammunition to produce reloading components.

The process of demil or pull down components starts with an ammunition manufacturer producing live ammunition.

During their production, they use quality control procedures which kicks out anything they deem unsatisfactory. Whether that is a dent in the brass case, upside down primer, damaged projectile or wrong powder charge, it forces them to scrap that product.

There are many other reasons for manufacturers to scrap ammunition but the more they scrap, the more we get. 

Next, American Reloading buys that scrap ammunition from the manufacturers and begins the demil process. American Reloading saves manufacturers huge costs in hazmat waste because we buy it as ammunition for destruction and that savings and discounts are passed along to our customers. We understand the products are not factory firsts or match grade, which is why we don’t charge new prices. Using equipment, which we are always improving, we pull the ammunition apart and separate the components. The remaining products are primed cases, powder, and projectiles.

Factory Seconds or Blems

Manufacturer's seconds or blemished products they don't offer as finished products.

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centrally located

Location, Location, Location

American Reloading was moved to Grain Valley, Missouri in 2017 because the new owners reside there. However, Missouri has proven to be a great location from a logistics point of view.

Our site-wide FREE SHIPPING on bulk ammo can reach all corners of the continental USA in 2-3 business days. Missouri is also home to some of the largest Ammunition Manufacturers in the country which only helps. Our local support from contractors, advisors, and our local customers is why we love the Kansas City area—and we couldn’t do it without them!

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