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Who We Are

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American Reloading specializes in demil or “pull down” reloading components along with factory seconds or blems.

We take other manufacturers scrap and turn it into very usable products with tremendous value.

What We Do

Demil or "Pull Down"

Taking apart live ammunition to produce reloading components.

“Demil/Pull Down” is a term used for the disassembly of loaded ammunition. Pull Down projectiles and brass are new components that were once loaded but disassembled due to various reasons from the manufacturer. Once the ammo has been disassembled, it moves on to our sorting processes. These processes are typically 95%+ on sorting accuracy and orders usually contain extra product to compensate for any errors that could occur.

 Pulled projectiles may have marks, to varying degrees, from the pull down process. If a projectile is stated to have “minimal marks,” there will be light to virtually no marks, whereas a projectile with “heavy marks” will sometimes have marks that distorts the shape of the projectile at the Ogive. Some pulled projectiles may also have heavy crimp marks as well, however, projectiles that have been over-crimped, for example, are sorted out as damage.

Pull down brass will sometimes have small body dents, scratches and/or deformed case mouths. Small dents in brass will straighten out after the case has been fired and case mouth deformities can be fixed by sizing. Primed brass is ready to load, but all brass should be resized prior to loading. Please note that we generally do not know what primers are used in pull down casings, it is assumed that magnum calibers will contain magnum primers and standard calibers will use standard primers.

Please have adequate education and training to load live ammunition. All components should be inspected prior to assembly. Improperly assembly and handling of ammunition can cause serious personal injury or death. Additionally, safety glasses should always be worn when loading ammunition. Since hand-loading operations are beyond our control, American Reloading disclaims all liability for any damages that may result.


Factory Seconds or Blems

Manufacturer's seconds or blemished products they don't offer as finished products.

“Blemished” products are new components with cosmetic or profile differences. These differences may include but are not limited to, brass with specific/light damage, projectiles that are tarnished or vary in uniformity.

American Reloading has a vast network of manufacturers who are happy to sell us their seconds or blems. We do not brand the seconds or blems to keep the integrity of our suppliers’ products. American Reloading offers to purchase seconds from manufacturers, resulting in a mutual benefit for both parties. Instead of scrapped metals, they get a fair price above scrap from American Reloading. We process the seconds and sell them at a discounted price. Again, these will function great but might be discolored or have a minor defect somewhere.


How It Works

Quality Control & Sorting Process

After pulling ammo apart or receiving components from the supplier, is the quality control and sorting process.

We aim to sort out damaged and unusable products. We also analyze the batch and determine how we will sort it. It is simply inefficient to hand-sort thousands of projectiles that are too similar to separate quickly, so we end up selling them as a mix. Examples are 9mm 115 / 124gr or 223 55 / 62gr.

If the projectiles have a distinct feature, we can sort them out efficiently. Primed cases are sorted for damaged and missing primers. Minor dings and dents will be permitted as the price will reflect compared to NEW products. We recommend you SIZE our cases before loading, as you should with all cases new, demil, or processed.


Packaging & Shipping

American Reloading understands the importance of packing your order securely so it makes it to you safely.

Please understand that lead and copper are very heavy and dense. We use the best strapping tape and robust boxes when possible, but at times we are limited due to our Fast Free Shipping Site-wide. Due to free shipping, we will ocasianly condense your orders to make them fit in the appropriate boxes. For example, if you order 3 of something in 1000ct (3,000 total), we might pack two internal boxes and put 1,500 in each.

At the moment, we use USPS Flat Rate Boxes for all projectiles and any unprimed brass that will fit. USPS Flat Rate boxes are thin but we do our best to add extra strapping tape. Ammunition, Powder, and Primed Cases will ship via FedEx Ground which will be in heavy duty boxes.

Unfortunately, there is always a risk of receiving a damaged package from any mail carrier. Don’t worry, we will take care of you!


Placing an Order with American Reloading

Once you find your great products and are ready to checkout, you will enjoy our fast and easy purchase process.

When you have authorized the payment and agreed to the terms, you will receive an email confirmation of your order. Our system will then send your order to our shipping software to await packaging.

You will receive another email with your tracking number WHEN we print your order for packaging. We do everything possible to print your order within 2 to 3 business days. Once you have received that tracking number, please allow at least 48 hours before reaching out, because USPS and FedEx scan your packages at different times. In most cases, your order will be out the door within 3 days, and your tracking number will have been updated so you can monitor its movement.

We know you’re very excited to receive your order and we will do our very best to ensure it gets there safe and quickly.


Why buy American Reloading products?

The American Reloading Process provides tremendous benefits to those who like buying in bulk and getting a great value. We allow you to buy components and ammunition at the lowest prices in the country. Whether you load thousands of rounds a week or once a year, we provide the best value for your money and time.

American Reloading understands that we process and move millions of products each year and mistakes can be made BUT we will always take care of our customers and do the right thing. 

We want to make YOU a very satisfied customer who shares their experience with others. Great Products, Value, and Integrity is what American Reloading does best!

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